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Todd Deiterich

Todd Deiterich brings over 17 years of futures and foreign exchange dealing experience to Trade Center Inc.. Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, Todd studied economics at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore before embarking on a career in the commodity futures industry which has taken him from California to Australia, and back to Chicago.

In addition to advising corporate and retail customers in futures, options, and foreign exchange, Todd has trained and supervised dealers to work the London, Asian, and American shifts. These responsibilities required rigid attention to detail, quick and accurate order execution combined with expertise in all facets of position settlements and back office operations.

Todd is dedicated to the application of both political and economic analysis of news and events that effect futures price activity to give customers a balanced perspective to opportunities across the spectrum of commodity markets. Todd has written and organized market reports and presented educational seminars on equities, interest rates, foreign exchange, and mechanical trading system strategies.

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