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Portfolio Customization

System Due Diligence

The Search for Reliable High Performing Futures Systems

TCI system experts take the time and have the know-how to research and analyze the effectiveness of established and newly developed Futures Trading Systems. Of the hundreds of systems offered, only a few systems stand the test of time. To find these worthwhile systems TCI engages in ongoing system due diligence thoroughly examining the development and performance history of prospective futures trading systems. For a futures system to be included in the TCI Library of Futures Systems it must pass our exacting standards of professional system development and performance.

System Selection

Identifying The Right System(s) To Meet Investor Needs
A thorough knowledge of systems is necessary in order to match the right system(s) to a particular investor's goals for risk/return. TCI professionals are fully conversant with the distinctive performance characteristics of trading systems in the TCI Library of Systems. As part of the process of portfolio customization, TCI professionals patiently assist investors in understanding key system features—time horizons (long-mid-short-term), markets traded, trading logic, signal generation, entry and exit strategies and role of protective stops.

System Portfolio Construction

Tailoring Single/Multi-System Portfolios
TCI professionals assist clients in the construction of futures portfolio intended to achieve superior investment results with less relative risk than traditional buy-and-hold strategies. Taking a Total Portfolio view, your TCI advisor will guide you through a portfolio planning process including investment goal setting, risk analysis, portfolio asset allocation, market diversification, asset balancing and portfolio sizing, capitalization and leveraging. TCI professionals serve as a portfolio advisors to clients who are the ultimate decision makers in a fully disclosed, open process of knowledge exchange and professional guidance.

System Money Management

Applying Customized Money Management Strategies
Attempts to increase portfolio effectiveness should include well-defined money management strategies dedicated to increasing the probability for successful capital preservation and growth. TCI sugggests money management strategies consisting of portfolio rules that help manage portfolio sizing, capital funding and withdrawals, the setting of portfolio risk parameters and the setting of per trade risk filters. Furthermore, money management should not be static. It should be an ongoing process monitoring and responding to the changing financial circumstances and goals of investors.

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