About Us

Founded in 1994, Trade Center Inc., (TCI) is a professionally managed national Introducing Broker to Refco Inc. the world's largest non-bank futures commission merchant with more than $3.3 billion in global client equity. TCI specializes in alternative investing and asset diversification through the administration of futures trading systems. TCI is the largest U.S. firm specializing in this unique niche of futures trading. With established offices in Chicago and S. California, and new offices opening in New York and S. Florida, we are in a high growth mode.

Contrary to most financial firms attempting to offer comprehensive services, TCI is focused on being excellent in its special niche. Futures and futures trading systems have come of age and are ready to address the needs of traditional investors. Conventional buy and hold equity strategies leave investors in a slow and no growth mode. The addition of futures as an asset allocation and diversification tool using computerized futures trading systems has produced year-over-year performance for our clients. TCI brings this expertise to its clients along with a continuing pledge of excellence.

Pledge of Excellence
Clients can be assured of receiving our high-quality client-centered services dedicated to meeting client's investing goals and providing superior relationship services. Our goal is to develop long-term client relationships as demonstrated by our less than 5% client attrition rate. We work hard to earn client's trust, serving as mentors, guides, implementers and system monitors. We pride ourselves on being excellent educators and advisors assisting clients to formulate and implement alternative investment and asset diversification solutions tailored to the specific needs of their investment portfolios.

Our centralized, intranet-based operations and order management systems provide efficient and accurate trade execution. Our commitment to technology is evidence by our proprietary Order Management platform that organizes, tracks and facilitates all aspects of the futures system signal generation and order execution. To support TCI's commitment to professional development, all TCI account executives participate in our rigorous professional development training programs.

A Quality Brokerage Firm
Offering a dynamic, entrepreneurial work life culture, our clients enjoy the opportunity to work with talented, motivated and successful professionals. TCI account executives measure success by the success of their clients. A satisfied client is their only goal.