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Portfolio Implementation

System Administration

System Set Up and Signal Generation
TCI has developed a proprietary technology platform specifically designed for futures system administration. Our state-of-the-art, fully secure and redundant technology environment has been built to deliver accurate and timely trading signals for all systems administered by TCI. Relying on multiple data streams, the latest contract adjustors, database supports and aggressive strategies to provide uninterrupted service, TCI clients can rest assured that all trade signals will be recognized and swiftly acted upon. Furthermore, for clients wishing to track and monitor trading system software on their own PC or laptop, TCI will provide a desktop version of the platform to clients.

System Order Execution

Accurate/Rapid Order Entry
TCI's proprietary order management system is designed to fulfill high volume order demand accurately through rapid order entry on various domestic and global futures exchanges. Relying on our unique technology tools, orders are processed in accordance with specific instructions set forth in each client's portfolio. Employing the advantages of our highly reliable online trading platform and network of floor brokers, TCI routes order directly to the floor of the world's exchanges with advanced checking and auditing processes to ensure reconciliation of all orders and fills.

System Order Integrity
TCI uses A.P.S. (average pricing system) to assure that all client orders receive the same average price fills.

System Performance Monitoring

Custom Selection of System to Fit the Needs of Individual Investors
TCI Account Executives monitor portfolio performance on a daily basis. Portfolio monitoring includes, but is not limited to ensuring that all system trade signals are executed, that order fills are reported promptly and accurately, that portfolio composition is continually reviewed, that money management rules are updated to account for changing market or investor conditions, that risk parameters are in line with portfolio instructions. Clients also benefit from value-added analytics contained in TCI's SystemTrac reports showcasing hypothetical standardized portfolios performance, equity curves and advanced evaluation metrics.

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