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Introducing Gordon J. White, author
of The Half Hour Business

Mr. Gordon J. White had enjoyed a successful career in the financial planning and life insurance brokerage field for over 9 years in British Columbia. On many occasions receiving top ranking awards for quality business and human relations.

In 1991 Oasis Financial Group was founded (now OFG Trading Co Ltd. registered as CTA with the National Futures Association), owned and operated by Mr. White, while he was contracted by several well known financial corporations, such as The Great West Life Assurance Company Of Canada, EQUINOX Financial Group, NN Financial Corp., and Gerling Global to name a few. Throughout his career "The Investors Group" continued to persevere in attempting to bring him solely over to their company, but to no avail. Mr. White liked his freedom and ability to service clients in a non bias fashion and was determined to keep it that way.

His licensing provided the ability to enter brokerage contracts with various firms over the years providing financial services and products. His licensing was upgraded in that he was able to do business in addition to that of financial planning and life insurance when he challenged LUAC (Life Underwriters Association of Canada) and successfully past the MQE (Membership Qualifying Exam). At that time began to aggressively study and trade futures markets through which his present strategies have been derived. Since, Mr. White has written and successfully completed the Canadian and US series 3 Futures and options, and is registered with the NFA with a CTA designation.

During Mr. White's career he traded commodity futures and options as an individual trader, and in 1993 had put the final touches on the systems he now uses and teaches successfully world wide. He then shifted all emphasis from financial planning and insurance to futures trading, and Oasis Financial Group took on a fresh new form. He changed the companies name to OFG Trading Co. LTD, and also founded Oasis Publishing Of Canada Corp. He is the author of The Half Hour Business course series and service programs. His teaching is strictly related to futures and options trading and is provided to the general public internationally. He no longer has any dealings in the financial planning and insurance industry, with all his focus strictly in the futures and options markets. Mr. White enjoys interacting with people in an attempt to educate and better their investment knowledge. Something he is exceptionally good at, mainly due to his creative way of explaining complex issues in a way that most can understand.

Mr. White has been happily married for 13 years to his wife Mollie and has two daughters and one son ages 7, 9, and 11. He is an active member of Living Waters Fellowship, the local Christian church he attends, and takes part in praise and worship services as a lead and back up singer, guitar and harmonica accompaniment. Mr.White also leads his churches youth group on a BI weekly basis.

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