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The commodities trading course that teaches you to work only a half an hour a day with:"THE HALF HOUR BUSINESS" Commodity Trading course

With every 3 month full-service commodity trading course enrollment you will receive the following and more:

Personal one on one assistance, as required.

Complete study material on the basics of the commodities business as well as the more advanced methods often used.

Complete teaching on the ins and outs of futures contracts.

Complete teaching on Options with the strategic manual "Options Made Simple."

Full and complete time tested and proven to make money, strategies and techniques.

Everything explained in terms you can easily understand. Little or no past experience is required, and even if you've traded before much of this content will be of great value. These unique revolutionary strategies and techniques are sure to put profit in your pockets!

Very informative 8 page monthly news letter - The Pro-Paper Trader. Educational content only with no time sensitive information. Refer back to these monthly reports even months later and still find immense value.

On-line market action reports. Look over author/traders shoulder Gordon J. White and see exactly how he consistently produces profitable returns by spending only a half an hour a day trading the markets! (okay maybe 3 hours at times, as he trades them all!)

Real-Time / Real-Broker paper trading account. It's just like the real thing. The markets moving, you're calling in your orders and the broker is reporting back to you with the most likely fill prices. He will assist you in proper wording of orders and procedure, while you learn technique and strategy from Oasis Publishing and OFG Trading Co Ltd. You're ensured optimal training all around!

Direct contact with the Author/Trader Gordon J. White to ask your important questions. He enjoys interacting with his members and is what makes Oasis so special.

During your 3 month course, also receive absolutely FREE, a trial 3 month Gold Membership Daily Market Action Report. These are Gordon White's personal commodity trade orders all called in advance the day before, complete with full and explicate commentaries and exact wording for all active orders! Consistently this market timing report produces profitable returns! Normally at $65 per month can now be yours free of charge for the next 3 months as a full course member. Once the 3 month course period is completed, you will then automatically remain as an ongoing Gold member and will be billed on your credit card accordingly as set out on the on-line order page unless you instruct otherwise.

50% discount on full service brokerage commissions once you're ready to trade for real.

All hard copy material (consisting of 3 work manuals loaded with profitable knowledge and expertise) is provided in a handsome burgundy 3 ring leather binder for ease of use and organization of notes.

All services including news letters are provided "On-Line" complete with historical archive. Go back and see all past issues released this year! This alone is great value. On occasion you may have Internet interruptions and so as an extra benefit to members the daily action reports are also provided by fax back via the Oasis 1-800 number as an emergency feature.

No information is left out. This way we can't sell you another add on course like many others do. It's complete, it's full, and nothing is left to the imagination. It's a one course has it all offer. For over 4 years now, clients have been telling us to keep up the good work. We lay it all on the line! Our motto - "If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room!"

Remember! Oasis Members learn it all, and are well equipped to make money. That's the bottom line. If your paper trading records don't show a profit at the end of your 3 months, return those records within 30 days of the end of your course period along with your other materials for a full refund!

The time is now to get started on your trading education. The longer you wait, the more trading opportunities will pass you by. Click on the order page link to fill out the on-line order form or contact Oasis directly to place your order at 1-800-265-6332 or (250) 897-3637

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Experienced Traders! Check out our 30 day Gold Membership Trial. Total access to all news letters issued this year, daily market activity reports, direct 1 on 1 consultation with the author, and 50% discount on full service brokerage fees provided only to all Members. During your 30 day trial, a full on-line mini course also awaits you.

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