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This Report Generated $82,000.00 Total Gross Profit In 1997

Since January/01/1997 this Daily Action Report has produced profits of 330%. Past performance is in no way indicative of future results. Futures and Options trading can be risky. Though we believe our information to be accurate, each individual is responsible for his or her own actions and trading abilities.

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Reports such as these often will cost the end user, you, upwards of $175 to $350 each month. Unfortunately, many of these reports focus on news, fundamentals, and basic information without any real guidance pertaining to strategy or order placement, and offer only very general and vague instruction. Those that do provide order positioning are normally displayed in abbreviated form and without actual wording. This report, published daily and written by Gordon White, will provide full and detailed order placement, as you will see below, both in abbreviated form in the table, and actual wording in the commentary. This is our double order confirmation system. Gord's broker reads this report prior to each days market open, and checks the orders in the table with the orders in the commentaries. If the two line up, he places the order. If not, he calls to confirm. It works quite well.

This Daily Market Action Report is to the point, explaining technical chart pattern signals and order placing based on our strategies for entering and exiting trades, as well as risk management. We're sure you'll agree that this service is invaluable.


Oasis Publishing Corp.

Oct 10th 1997

Below you will see all futures contract trades, profits and losses, as well as the order being placed for the next trading session. Three option strategies are often used; the Trappers Plan, Double Bracket Trap, and Extreme Turn Signal Insured Trade. These strategies are unique to Oasis Publishing, designed by Gordon White, and have not been in print any where else. They will be explained in full during your trial subscription and are not shown in the sample below.

Red @ = Stop Loss Order, Green # = Entry Order.



Long Short

Entry Price

Exit Price

A Point

Current B Point

Current C Point

Open Profit

Working Order

Dec/97 Copper       92.80       Hold Trapping option
Dec/97 Silver       424 B-4/533 C-4/508.50   #buy/1/521.5/stop/GTC
Dec/97 Gold Short 3 332.40   318.50 B-2/342.10 C-2/332.60 360 @buy3/332.70/stop/GTC
Dec/97 Wheat Long 2 361.5   334.75 B-1/398 C-1/348.5 375 @sell/2/358.25/stop/GTC
Nov/97 Soybeans       577 B-2/675 C-2/602   Hold Insurance Options
Jan/98 Soybeans Long 1 655   583 B-2/679 C-2/607 2487 @sell/1/658.75./stop/GTC
Dec/97 Corn       227.5 B-3/278 C-3/255.5   Holding Trap Options
Dec/97 Live Cattle       65.45 B-1/67.30 ?   Neutral
Dec/97 Lean Hogs       71.90 B-4/63.15 C-4/64.00   Neutral
Dec/97 Cocoa       1760 B-1/1611 C-1/1739   Hold Insurance Options
Dec/97 Cotton       70.80       Neutral
Dec/97 Heat Oil Long 1 56.92   54.35 B-3/63.35 C-3/60.30? 1713 @sell/1/60.24/stop/GTC
Jan/98 OJ       71.00 B-1/78.25     Neutral
Dec/97 Can $       .7200 B-2/.7335 C-1/.7210   #buy/.7337/stop/GTC
Jan/98 Lumber       300.70 B-1/323.30 C-1/?   Holding Trapping Option
Mar/98 Sugar Long 1 11.96   12.19 B-2/11.26 C-2/11.94 (22) @sell/1/11.69/stop/GTC
Dec/97 T-Bond       118-18 ?     Neutral (top?)
Dec/97 S&P500       905.60 B-3/992.20 C-2/945.50   Neutral
                Profit Losses
              Sub Total 4935 22
              Total 4913  

Remember; No Over Trading! Manage Your Risk!

  • The following commentary is updated daily. The position profits and losses in the above table are "open" positions and unrealized unless an * is marked next to the contract month, in which case it was liquidated the day shown. Due to the speed in which markets move, we will from time to time alter our buy sell or stop loss orders intra day and accept no liability for such alterations. Adjustments are the sole responsibility of each trader individually. Buy sell decisions made by Gord are in no way to be considered as direct advise in any way, and is for educational purposes only, whereas past performance is in no way indicative of future performance, and no liability for profits or losses on behalf of the reader will be accepted by sponsors of these updates, Oasis Publishing of Canada Corp., or the editors of this report.

*** For Real Time Paper Trading Accounts with a beginning credit of $10,000 Gords broker has agreed to accommodate all those Oasis members who want a real feel for the markets before trading with real money. This is included with course membership.

Gold: 342 marks a nice B-2 with C-2 now quite possibly at 327 just below 330 support recently broke. The 3 short positions picked up yesterday were more to cover loss of premium on the call options, and with today's minor reversal, prices could rally once again now that weak longs are flushed out. We will adjust our stop loss to near break even to just above previously broken support of 332.60. We will cancel buying 3 Dec Gold at 337.10 stop GTC and replace it with buying 3 at 332.70 stop GTC.

"!"Silver: Prices dropping and recovering so quickly makes for a small buy signal with a new C point in the series to buy off of on a rally. We'll add another buy order for a rally above today's high. Our order above major resistance at 533 will remain for now. We will buy 1 Dec Silver at 521.50 stop GTC and if filled we'll sell 1 Dec Silver at 506 stop GTC. We will also buy 1 Dec Silver at 534.50 stop GTC, if filled we'll cancel selling one Dec Silver at 506 and replace with selling 2 Dec Silver at 506 stop GTC.

Copper: The market was soft to end the week with a low end settle and positioned for another test of the A point. We'll stick with the trappers plan and hold the 92 put until the full ABC bullish turn signal is made.

Corn: Prices could have settled better, but prices are still higher to end the week making the weekly chart look decent with prices settling above the major 280 resistance level. We will hold the options which are now doing extremely well. Any further upside price action will be pure profit in our pockets with the Double Bracket strategy once again coming through with a bang.

Wheat: Bulls managed to give back what they took yesterday. What a heart! Prices could easily drop sharply from here on technical selling, so our Our stop loss will remain un-adjusted at break even. In the money Puts still in place will offset any losses. Declining prices to below 360 may cause a solid test of 348. If that breaks, then 335 is almost certain.We will sell 2 Dec Wheat at 358.25 stop GTC.

Soybeans: Bulls received a welcome surprise from the USDA grain report this morning with an unexpected reduction. Farmers, I understand, are also complaining of rapid moisture loss which will reduce yield as well and should show up in Novembers report. That's fundamental, I know, but it goes hand in hand with technical price action. The limit placed on the add on buy order saved our bacon as prices gapped higher above 690 and never really looked back. Our order is now canceled.We will cancel buying 1 Jan/98 soybean at 681.75 stop, limit of 683 GTC. We will sell 1 Jan/98 soybean at 658.75 stop GTC.

Sugar:Last Trading Day/9/30/97: We'll remain long with chart highs likely to be tested and as soon as a new support level is made, we'll raise the stop.. We will sell 1 Mar/98 sugar at 11.69 stop GTC.

Cocoa: Hopefully prices will be finding support now at the short up trend support line at around 1650. We'll hold our call option in place figuring that odds are good we'll see some support soon and prices will run at resistance at least one more time. If it does but resistance holds, we'll likely jump out or lighten the load.

Feeder Cattle: Now we stand aside and watch Nov feeders instead.

Live Cattle: It looks like the A point is very possibly in place, but we will stand aside until the full turn signal is seen.

"!"Canadian Dollar: Support was seen at .7292 today which could result in the creation of a solid C-2 level to buy back in off of on a rally. We'll continue for now with the order above resistance, but may adjust it down if a daily bar signal is given. Values plunged today on some decent selling with a test of chart lows more likely now. However, if prices can hold above chart lows, we may have a good solid bottom and an up trend in the making. We will buy 1 Dec Canadian $ at .7337 stop GTC. Stop loss to be determined after price is hit.

O.J. The Jan/98 OJ A point of 71.00 was broke today without even trading through that price, but instead with a gap, a large one, to well below it. We couldn't have timed our profitable exit from this market much better. We'll cancel all orders and stand aside. We will straight cancel buying 1 Jan/98 OJ at 78.35 stop GTC

Lumber: Jan/98 lumber turned around nicely with a beautiful looking B-1 in place as prices head lower to break the A point or establish a C-1. Stay alert for a buy signal as we continue with The Trappers Plan strategy and the options in place.

Cotton; We'll stand aside as we wait for a bullish turn signal. Today's bar could be taken as a buy on a break above yesterdays high, but we would rather wait for a larger pattern to be established.

Coffee: We'll cancel all orders here and stand aside. Prices are confused. We will cancel selling 1 Dec Coffee at 158.55 stop, limit of 157.90 GTC and if filled will buy 1 Dec Coffee at 171.60 stop GTC

Heating Oil: Prices are range bound still but support is holding. As long as it does, we're in the running. We can do nothing but hold on while our stop loss is in the profit. We are selling 1 Dec Heating Oil at 60.24 stop GTC.

  • Successful trading comes from the ability to manage risk effectively. Remember to set risk guidelines. Using a percentage of account value is the easiest. 5 to 10% would be realistic. Doing this forces you to become more and more disciplined in your selection of trades when selections are going against you. You will be enabled to continue taking the signals and not blow out your account in only two potentially explosive trades. Accounts over $10,000 would still be wise to attempt to risk no more than $500 per trade 90% of the time with only 10% of trading activity selecting larger risk/reward type markets. Even being right 50% of the time using this type of risk control would produce profits long term. Please don't forget that.
  • Remember, check, double check, and triple check your orders. If you were told that an order was filled, check and re check that too. You must get confirmation and price of fill before knowing for sure. Maintain good records of all orders placed as well as date and the broker you placed it with. It's very unpleasant to find out you're short because of neglecting to cancel a stop loss order after taking a profit with an at the market order. Also, when account statements arrive in the mail, check over all positions. Occasionally one is placed in the wrong account. If a trade which is not yours is seen, call your broker and have it transferred to the correct account even if it is a profitable position. This is nothing to be alarmed about, but is something to watch for. Humans make mistakes. Watch for them.

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