With over thirty years of experience in the futures and grain exporting industries, Robert (Bob) Martin provides clients with invaluable expertise in both technical and fundamental analysis - meeting each investor's specific needs with the highest level of service, support and vast knowledge of the futures industry.

As a futures specialist, Mr. Martin is dedicated to providing superior, professional service to both speculative and corporate clientele - sharing his powerful insight on investment opportunities in the domestic and global futures markets.

A valuable member of the Trade Center team, Bob Martin brings extensive knowledge on the workings of the futures markets - from investment purposes, to hedging, to the custom development of programs to suit individual or institutional needs.

Mr. Martin's experience in the futures industry began at one of the world's largest commodity merchandisers - Cargill, Inc. As Senior Merchant, he remained with Cargill for nearly twelve years. In 1970 he advanced to United Grain Corporation in Portland, Oregon and was named General Manager. Under his direction, United Grain Corporation became a leading Pacific Northwest grain exporter. It was during this time that Mr. Martin developed hedging plans for domestic and Asian commercial interests and began counseling firms on the use of futures for risk management.

In 1980, Mr. Martin expanded his private business to include both small and large traders - offering brokerage services and his experienced market analysis to speculative and corporate clientele. Margil Capital Management was eventually borne from these efforts - through the experienced guidance and direction of Mr. Martin as the President, the company continued to grow and prosper and was eventually sold in March of 1998.

Mr. Martin continues to consult investors on intelligent commodity futures investment through timely and informed trading decisions. He is always available for direct response and can be reached personally at [email protected].

Board Member and Former President, National Introducing Brokers Association.
Member, National Futures Association, Special Advisory Committee for Introducing Brokers

Fax: 1-949-643-7111
[email protected]