Trade Center, Inc. is an Introducing Broker to Refco Group Ltd., LLC.  with office headquarters in Aliso Viejo, California and a branch office in Chicago, Illinois.  Since formation in 1994 by founder Joe Tapias, Trade Center, Inc. has maintained its focus and mission statement:  “Provide traders with the best available tools and technology.”

Using that focus, Trade Center, Inc.’s business has evolved from that of a traditional futures brokerage firm in 1994.  In that year the Professional System Monitoring Desk began by offering monitoring and execution services to clients using mathematical, computerized trading systems. 

In 1997, in concert with the clearing firm, LFG, LLC, one of the first direct-to-the-exchange-floor, Internet based order routing systems was introduced to the public.  Continuous improvements to this system have allowed it to be among the leaders in on-line order entry.

Trade Center, Inc.’s SystemTrac, introduced in 2000 is a “mutual fund” style report on many of the most well known futures trading systems in the industry.  Armed with this report, our clients can make informed decisions about futures trading systems and asset diversification.

Trade Center, Inc.’s unique blend of technology and service provide us with a platform to meet our diverse clientele’s needs.  No matter which service is in use, we strive to make that service as efficient, sound, and technologically advanced as possible.