Does Aberration fit into your portfolio?


First and foremost, each investor must determine if futures trading is appropriate for them in light of their financial condition.  Futures trading involves a substantial amount of risk.  For those investors who are suited for futures trading, the Aberration system may offer many advantages. One key is that trading a system such as Aberration offers an investment tool which may be non-correlated to other  traditional investments.  While not a guarantee, it is likely that your stock portfolio is highly correlated, whereas individual stocks tend to rise and fall together.  As Aberration trades both from the long and short side, it strives to be non-correlated to the movements of the stock market.

Flexibility is also an important consideration.  The Aberration trading system offers a host of ways to be implemented in a portfolio for the savvy investor.  Depending on your personal investing goals, various strategies can be implemented.  From minimums as low as $15,000  to $1,000,000, employing more advanced money management and risk strategies, a Trade Center, Inc. licensed futures broker can help you understand the risk and rewards of the various portfolios.

Aberration can also be used in concert with other trading systems.  For those employing stock index trading systems such as Keith Fitschenís I-Master Index Futures Trading System, Aberration may be a good compliment to the shorter term strategies used by I-Master.  The key to any investment portfolio is diversification, and the blend of the shorter term, index trading system such as I-Master with a longer term, trend following system may be the solution you are looking for.


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