What makes Aberration different from other trading systems?


·Diversification While some systems only trade the currencies, financials, or stock indices, Aberration trades all eight of the commodity groups.  The exposure to all groups allows the potential for profits from the “moving” group to make up for losses in other groups.  In the course of a year, based on hypothetical testing, one or more commodities in each group will make a big move.  Aberration endeavors to pinpoint these. 

·Aberraion avoids curve fitting

Curve-fit systems yield extraordinary performance in computer testing   because the system rules and parameters have been “tweaked” to fit the data.  The more rules and parameters in a system, the greater the danger of curve-fitting.  The problem with curve-fit systems is that the real time performance doesn't match the back-tested performance.  A clue to a curve-fit system is one that uses “unique” rules for each market, or different parameter value for each commodity it trades.  Aberration uses one equation and one entry and exit rule for all 57 commodities.  The equation has only one parameter, and the same parameter value is used across all 57 commodities.  Clearly,  Aberration is not a curve-fit system.
·Works to keep transaction costs down

One of the reasons traders lose money in futures is commissions and slippage.  If you are buying and selling every day, for every commodity you have in your portfolio, the impact of your expenditures in commission and slippage  (the difference between the price you intend to achieve and that which you were actually filled at) could be the difference  between success and failure.  Aberration trades each commodity approximately three to four times per year and is in each market only about sixty percent of the time.  The intent is to wait until there is a higher probability of success as opposed to staying in the market and hope that success finds you.


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