Does Aberration fit into your portfolio?


If you are new to trading it is critical that you select a good system to start with. Andromeda is adaptable for both small traders with as little as $15,000 available , to professional large, traders with millions available. Regardless of what system you start with, do your homework diligently, become as informed as possible.  We recommend you download free copies of the user manuals from the Andromeda website, Please see the link “Download Free User Manuals”. One of these manuals is “The Andromeda Info Manual” which covers extensive information about trading systems in general, their pitfalls and issues to watch for.

If you are an experienced systems trader and are already trading other systems you probably already know about the advantages of system diversification. It is important to not only diversify across different markets but also different systems as well. Depending on your risk parameters and goals, Andromeda may work will for you when combined with other systems.  In particular shorter term systems and stock index systems may meet your expectations. We are confident that you will find Andromeda a good addition to your portfolio.


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