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Trade Center provides you this unique, FREE opportunity to experience a new technological break through in on-line order routing for your commodity futures trading. See for yourself what the new frontier of direct to the commodity exchange trading floor, Internet based, global access is all about. There are no costs or obligations to this offer, but it is a "limited time" deal. We highly suggest that you take this opportunity to sign up NOW and "speed test" the software for yourself!

Try out LEO-WEB software yourself by placing and transmitting orders to the exchange servers...without actually executing trades. Get acquainted with the software in test mode for 30 days before deciding to use it in your real trading.

In order to take advantage of this limited time offer all you have to do is fill out our account applications. No need to fund the account until you feel confident enough to begin actual commodity futures trading, on line and in real time.

Three choices to begin the process:
  1. You can download the necessary account application by clicking here.
    THE USER ID IS: customer
    THE PASSWORD IS: harvest
    You must complete, sign and date the account forms and then FAX them to 714 376 2812. Along with the applications to Trade Center, please mark your cover sheet "SPEED TEST"
  2. You may also call us at 800 894 8194 / 949 376 2800 Int’l, mention the free trial offer, and we will have an express mail carrier deliver and/or pick the forms up at your earliest convenience.
  3. Or you can request the forms be sent to you on-line by clicking here. Please enter "SPEED TEST" in the comments section of the form.

Once we have received your completed account forms via Fax or express mail, we will send you an E-Mail with specific instructions on how to download and install the free software. There are no obligations and / or costs to this "SPEED TEST" offer.

Your trial period will last for 30 days from the date on which you first log on to the system servers and you will automatically be put on "speed test" mode for this period. Speed Test mode allows you to place and transmit orders direct to the exchange servers, but without executing the trades. See for yourself how fast it really is!

During, or after your "speed test" period, if you decide to take advantage of this new technology and activate your account so as to send "real orders", all that you will need to do is fund your account. Followed by mailing in the original account forms and signatures.

Real time, on-line trading begins with a minimum starting account balance of $15,000, and you must maintain a minimum account balance of $10,000. Instructions for wiring funds to LFG,L.L.C. can be found by clicking here. Checks are made payable to LFG.

For a FREE off-line demo of the software please click right here.

For additional questions call:

1 800 894 8194 US / Canada (Toll Free)
1 714 376 2800 for International callers.

Or...if you prefer, one of our brokers will call you immediately or at any time you choose to schedule that is more convenient for you. Simply click the button. It's free and requires no special software.

Click here to have a broker call you NOW.
Between the hours of 5:15am - 6:00pm PST (M-TH) Friday till 4:30pm