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If It Is Too Good To Be True…
Trade Center Inc.(TCI) deplores the hype. Too many advertisements lure investors with fantastic promises. "Lifetime guarantee." "You will win on 9 out of 10 trades." "Risk next to nothing." "Super strategies revealed." "Safe for kids and seniors." "It's Free."

Average investors desiring the benefits of effective futures trading systems must be able to distinguish between good and bad systems. Common sense should be the first line of resistance to hype. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. The next line of resistnace can be TCI. We know from experience that of the many futures systems on the market only a few dozen meet Trade Center Inc.'s standards of effectiveness. To assist clients in separating the good from the bad systems we share the results of our strict futures system due diligence and reporting processes with clients and prospective clients.

The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth
Recognizing that most investors have neither the time nor the experience to evaluate trading systems, TCI has developed professional due diligence processes to separate the effective from the ineffective system. Investors have a right to the truth and we have a responsibility to tell them the truth about the strengths and weaknesses of a futures trading system. Towards thisrpurpose, highly experienced professionals employ an intensive a 3-tier system evaluation process to determine the value and effectiveness of a trading system.TCI's

The TCI System Evaluation Process

1. The Performance Analytics
• System returns • System drawdowns • Slippage statistics • Commission calculations

2. The Quantitative Evaluation
• Review historical data used • Time Window Analysis • Empirical study • Forwarded trading on unseen data • Per trade profit and loss averages • Frequencies of transactions

3. The System Developer
• The developer's standing in the futures industry community • The developer standing in the business community • The developer trades the system with his/her own money • The developer's credentials.

Independent Recommendations
The Futures Systems recommended by Trade Center, Inc. are offered as independent advice free from any influence by developers. Trade Center, Inc. has no financial interest nor do we receive compensation from the sale of recommended futures trading systems. Clients purchase selected futures trading systems directly from developers and are free to execute the system on their own or through TCI's administration services.