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Due to continuous growth and widespread acceptance of Trade Center Inc.'s "Alternative Investment and Trading Solutions," numerous positions are open in the three job categories listed below and in four office locations - Chicago, S. California, New York and Miami. (When applying for a position, candidates should select an office location based on their current residence or willingness to reside in that city.)

Futures Line Broker
» I am interested in being trained and I am new to sales/futures trading.
Futures Account Broker
» I am an experienced futures trader and I can bring an existing book of business imediately.
Futures Senior Broker
» I am experienced and can supervise, train and manage high volume accounts and I can bring an existing book of business immediately.

The primary duties of the Broker/Account Manager are to build and manage a robust book of business. More specifically, their duties are primarily sales related; they prospect, qualify and educate potential clients to the benefits of our customized portfolio and system administration services, Once clients invest, their duties shift from direct sales to account management, customer service and ongoing relationship building. While Broker/Account Mangers must be knowledgeable in operations, they are fully supported by centralized operations.

The successful candidate for these positions must thrive in a fast-paced, aggressive sales environment. First and foremost, you must enjoy sales and be persistent in performing daily sales and contact strategies. Employment offers are contingent upon all applicants holding or passing a Series 3 Licensing Exam. This career opportunity offers significant compensation for self-motivated, hard-driving individuals. Successful applicants will find themselves working for a highly regarded, established U.S. Introducing Broker for futures trading.

Positions are open in S. California only.

System Developers

Trade Center Inc. invites system developers to submit their Futures Trading Systems for consideration in the TCI Library of Systems. Our staff of highly trained system experts will evaluate the system to ensure that it conforms to the highest standards of effective. Please be prepared to discuss and participate in the 3-Tier TCI Evaluation Process.

3 Tier TCI System Evaluation Process

1. The Performance Analytics
· System returns
· System drawdowns
· Slippage statistics
· Commission calculations

2. The Quantitative Evaluation
· Review historical data used
· Time Window Analysis
· Empirical study
· Forwarded trading on unseen data
· Per trade profit and loss averages o Frequencies of transactions

3. The System Developer
· The developer's standing in the futures industry community
· The developer standing in the business community
· The developer trades the system with his/her own money o The developer's credentials.