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Trading the Aberration System
with Trade Center...

Keith Fitschen's Aberration trading system has been rated "One of the Top Ten Trading Systems of All Time" by Futures Truth (July 97 issue of Futures Magazine). For an overview of the system including equity curves and performance statistics by individual commodity, click here.

How can Trade Center help bring Aberration to you?

1. Trade Center can trade it for you. Through our Professional System Monitoring services we can place the orders generated by Aberration, or any other system for that matter, for you and report the progress and account balances to you each day. You simply select the portfolio which suites your account size and level of aggressiveness or risk. Trade Center does the rest. We will follow the system for you each day, entering the orders on your behalf. At the end of the day you will be provided with a full report of the days activity, current positions, closing prices of the markets you trade and account balance.

You have the flexibility to change your portfolio or override the system at any point. Trade Center merely acts on your instructions thus saving you the responsibility of dealing with the daily chores of downloading data and entering orders.

There are no management fees. The commission is $39.00 per round turn plus applicable fees. Since each market only trades three or four times per year, your cost to have the system monitored is nominal.

2. Should you wish to trade Aberration on your own, Trade Center can set you up to trade direct through our order desk via telephone or direct to the trading floor on-line, via LEO, our proprietary Electronic Order Entry System. Commissions are based upon monthly volume and range from $19 to $39 plus applicable fees.

Here's what you get with your purchase of Aberration:

A) A price database of 35 commodities;
B) Software to update the database;
C) Software to issue you daily trading signals;
D) Software to backtest performance across a wide range of parameter values;
E) Software to do portfolio analysis;

TradeStation/SuperCharts software is also available upon request. Additionally, the Aberration trading manual fully discloses the system, provides a study on the probability of success as a function of starting capital and discusses money management techniques.

At Trade Center we do everything possible to bring the best in market technology to you. If you believe Aberration can make a difference in your trading .... then we can help you. It's this easy.....

- Purchase Aberration
- Open an account with Trade Center
- Select a portfolio
- Start Trading!

For additional information on Aberration click here.

To look at current Aberration open positons click here. here if you would like to take a look at additional systems that Trade Center will monitor and execute for you.

Trade Center Inc. makes no warranties or endorsments as far as expected performance of this system and advises you to thoroughly research this system provider prior to purchasing their product.

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